Finally, the only real footage of the notorious Zundays on DVD

638689653678c5ca55b290885457c94b - Finally, the only real footage of the notorious Zundays on DVD

Because of the movie ‘Zillion’ by director Robin Pront due to the corona virus only will be filmed in the summer of 2021, and 2022, and they proclaimed in the premiere, as did Dennis Burkas and decided to get in the nerves of the Zillion fans will no longer try to prove it.

The 25-year-old history of the brand, the Black Magic brings together the Flemish pornokoning this time, however, is something quite unique: the one and only real world images of the famous Zundays, which took place in the famous mega-nightclub Zillion.

On Sunday, 4 February 2001, and turned to Dennis, myself, the images of the Zundays, which is the day before captured the imagination of millions of Flemish people, even in the case of the new generation. To a large extent is because of Robin Pront making a movie of the legendary nightclub, where Matteo Simoni the role of the Flemish, pornokoning, Dennis Black Magic is creeping in, but also because it is the last month of the Zundays, who was also in the movie from Robin Pront will be, not all over the press and social media to keep up had been.
The original VHS tape of Dennis ‘ film ‘, Live@Zillion is now a much sought-after item by now. Literally, for thousands and thousands of people through social media and in this film, which is to be a porn movie is an exception.

Black Magic-Collector’s Item-Kit (BLCK):
As in 2001, only 300 copies were released on VHS, which, for the most part, to win this was by Maxim magazine, is in this film, and that is the real myth, and the legend of the Zundays stage, and shows you are a real collector’s item now.
The digitized film will be out on DVD in a limited edition of 2000 numbered copies come in a special box, out of the original VHS cover, the DVD will be in a design to be packaged.