A Special ” in-Between Eupen and Oostende

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On Tuesday, the 23rd of June, Lidewij Nuitten (well-known as a writer on Everyone is famous, among other things, with the “My street”) is the One viewers watch, from Three to Ostend (belgium) in a very special special. The line Oostende – Eupen, the longest line of our country, in normal times, it is the busiest train line. At the moment-light is but a train ride away. Lidewij took away from the week during which businesses will re-open may, a month is a long time for the train to get from one end of our country to the other and back again. Over the many, many trail rides, and the drive was how our country has changed a lot, it is.

Lidewij said, among other, with the train managers, securail officers, a train driver, passengers, transmigranten and homeless people and wanted to let them know how they can live this time. The result is a unique document of its time, with a mix of shocking, humorous and sensitive stories, and the stories of a world that is slowly but surely re-draw.

Reporting Lidewij Nuitten: “I’ve always loved the train, not only for the scenery but also the people. During the numerous train rides between Eupen and Oostende, I noticed how fast our society has changed. Everyone will take away from each other, and I feel I have to tell everyone that I meet during my travels is an incredible connection. It occurred to me at how openly the people of his time. Almost everyone I speak to is very happy, after all, that quarantaineweken have a real conversation with someone, and to be able to run it. A journey through the country has never been so special.”

Director, Leentje Lybaert: “The line Oostende – Eupen is not a literal cross-section of the country, it is also, figuratively, to the point where all the layers of society together. It seemed to be the perfect arena to show them what we can, after six weeks of quarantine, slowly, our social lives pick up again. The first time you go out, people will see that we have to have our job back to pick it up, my colleagues again. And back, to make a connection with everyday life. All of it appeared very quickly that the world is a strange place to be, from surgical masks, and social distancing has become. In a world in which the appointment is to overcome a major impact on one’s emotions, behavior, and the mindset of the people.”

The RAILWAY gave exceptional permission, and is allowed, subject to strict safety regulations for a crew to. For the day, this is a difficult time, but despite this, they are full of passion for their job. Lidewij learned, open-minded people know, the people who in the past may be under the radar and kept it, but our country is run, and so it might also be one of the heroes may be called.

Lidewij was talking with the passengers, and various RAILWAY staff, including:
* Robert, David, conductor (45 years old), mainly from the social contact with the passengers. That’s what the last few months, most of it didn’t hit me.“The only thing I can do is to take the train up and down and walk away. Normally, this is the busiest train line in the country. For the solar corona), there were nine hundred people on this train, and now there are less than thirty. We are checking now, especially on the safety and raise the awareness on the wearing of surgical masks.”