The VTM performs a Crazy cook off

72686e71be882b3b6b75774b528c2c53 - The VTM performs a Crazy cook off

Shows the VTM of the battle, the Jeroen Meus is difficult to deal with? The Latest News wrote on Friday that Loïc Van Impe end of the summer will not be more in love with ‘Crazy Cooking’. There would have to be the end of the summer, not even a cooking show be aired on tv, and that was many years ago. Last year, Van Impe as the century pulled from TV, but they could never defend themselves against the strong, Jeroen Meus. The spectators were not like Van Impe. However, he will still be (just) on the display screen to be displayed, and Van Impe diving is still in My kitchen in my restaurant. And then quietly, from the screen to the bar. That is, the future will tell us for sure.