The Black Album / the White Cube’, in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam

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Art and music have been inextricably linked with each other. In the exhibition, the Black Album and the White Cube’, in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, you’ll see how to use the two together to inspire and enhance it.

The title of the exhibition alludes to the Black Album by Prince and the white cube in which we often look at art. Music and art come together. In the middle of the room, you will find a white box. If you do go in to see the original edition of Prince’s album, in 1987, in a glass case, like a relic or a work of art. On the wall is the work of Michael Schirner, with a text that refers to the infamous ” concert of Bob Dylan at the Free Trade Hall, in London, in 1966.

Just white letters on a black background, to show you are trying Schirner together with you to get you the images in your head to see it instead of on the screen. Anyone who in the context of the calling of Judas ‘ at Bob Dylan, has to know what are the images and the sounds within it. The other way round it works, of course, because you listen to a song, we’ll call up images on it. This could be an album cover, music video, concert, or a memory of a dance floor.

Sonic Youth

The Black Album / the White Cube, and it shows very nicely how the interaction of the two sides to work with. There are works of art that are based on the music of Kraftwerk, and the texts of the classical gabberhits. Or works of art that have been created for the album. As in the work of Richard Prince for Sonic Youth. In front of the painting, then back to work on Sonic Youth’s bassist, Kim Gordon. You, as a visitor to this exhibition is still the world we live in. That’s the level of interaction between works of art, or the associations that some of the names and the pictures get yourself a call.

Well-known examples of this are the artwork that Peter Saville created for the album Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. Everyone is familiar with the image. It is, perhaps, more than the music itself has become. In a recent review by Saville made a video, you can see how the sound waves are a part of our popular culture has become. A little further hangs a magnificent picture by Anton Corbijn of the band Joy Division did.

The Title Of The Film

In the same room, there is also an impressive installation by Rutherford Chang has to offer. He gathered up as many copies of The White Album by The Beatles. If you think that all of those albums with a white cover will look the same you will be surprised. In the course of the years, each one to be unique now. Chang invites you to get in the bins around the nose, and one on one of the tables to be put.

Art and music are no boxes or boundaries, but fluid from one to the other. Sure, if you take the time to watch and listen to. The Black Album / the White Cube shows that it is very easy to see.

The Black Album / The White Cube
A Journey into Art and Music
On the 20th of June until the 10th of January 2021
The Kunsthal In Rotterdam

Emil Schult, very comfortable Now, 2004-2019 in the background of the installation We Buy White Albums is Rutherford Chang‘s Portrait of the infamous bouncer Sven Marquardt by Luci Lux, with the addition of a scale-model of the Berhain, and the portraits that have been created by Sven Marquardt.The Black Album by Prince and it is the work of Judas! I don’t believe you. You are a liar! Michael Schirner, Detail of the installation Tierläufer, Peter Knoch, Scott King TUBULAR BELLS ” #8– Richard Prince, Sonic Youth,MIss Riley, of Cosima von Bonin‘s Work by Henning Strassburger