Kevin Smith had a serious car accident: “I thought I was dead’

Kevin Smith had a serious car accident: "I thought I was dead'

In The Holy House Of the Hanssen ” when Joe invites Evi Hanssen well-known Flemish people from her home to the train station. Saturday, 10: 00 a.m. and 12: 00 came across Kevin Smith’s pass. In addition to a breakfast, provided Evi the ’10 Commandments’ for them.

Kevin told us: Evi-for the first time in a really bad car accident and that he was at the end of February, and how that came to pass. “I came to Brussels, on to the A12, it was raining. All of a sudden there was a hailstorm, and I can see the car is right for me braking, so I brake as well, and I began to slide in the direction of the two trees. I thought it was real: ‘it is finished’. While I was overkop went on, ” I said to myself that I was calm, had to stay in. And when I stopped it was all smoke, and no one stopped it… And then suddenly I heard: “Hello, sir?’. I thought it was a God, and that I was dead. Obviously, if your air bags go off they call you up automatically. I didn’t have soon, and I didn’t, and I was there for a week and guilty feeling that I hadn’t. A couple of years ago, one of my best friends passed away, and Marc Van Eeghem. And when I-again, I had the thought, “I am at the Marc, who says,’ I just have to efkes down, it should stay.”