For the first time, the initial names for the Flanders Festival’

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Over the past few years, it was the Flemish national day on July 11 is celebrated at the Antwerp’s Grote Markt, with a live broadcast of the Reality programme ‘Flanders ‘ Festival’. Together, the band of Miguel soon after it was allowed to host, Peter Van de Veire a lot of fine artists are welcome to take the stage. Until the end of August, due to the corona virus, mass events are banned, but that’s not to say that this year there will be no new version of the fastest, far from it. From a good source, we learned that there was in the past few days and was well rehearsed in the VRT for Flanders ‘ Festival’. For the time being, it’s wait for the official communication, and the list of performers, which this year is taking an active part in the broadcast, but in the winter, john Smith, and John Destadsbader have been already identified. Do #LikeMe with it? As possible, even though they’re already present were OBSERVERS from one of the 3 #YesYouCan shows. “Flanders Festival” is not the biggest event. There is a big chance that the screen images are appearing, but it is possible, however, at Antwerp, of the soil. One, to send to the program on Saturday evening, July 11. We are already looking forward to the rest of the line-up.