The Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theatre in July in an intimate concert hall

The Studio 100's Pop-Up Theatre in July in an intimate concert hall

As to the conditions under which events are during the summer months it can be clear that were out, were an all-round entertainment company, House of Entertainment (THE) and the Studio 100 is not in the least to give up. Studio 100, House of Entertainment, shall, in consultation with the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theatre in, I turn it into an intimate concert hall, which is HOW, in July, lively pop-up concerts will be organized.

In accordance with the guidelines limited the audience for the concerts, there will be received with respect to all of the mandated safety and hygiene, and be able to enjoy the attractive entertainment, in the best possible condition. A unique opportunity for the public to have an intimate bubbelsetting, and from the top of the stage, the spectacle musical, and 40-45 of their favourite artists, up close to the work. The House of Entertainment comes from a wide range and picks up a first with a pop-up concerts, The Starlings, Willy Sommers, Natalia & Jef Neve trio, Christoff Belle Perez, Romeo, Glennis Grace, Nick & Simon, Lindsay and Dana Winner. For more information about the line-up and booking of tickets, terms and conditions, will be found at the web site today will be launched. The ticket sale starts today!!!

“We are very pleased that we have the House of Entertainment to welcome in to the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theatre,” says Constance Of the Mixture, the CEO of Studio 100 Benelux. “Their expertise in the field of programming, and a multi-lingual theatre, and are a very good match. We look forward to in each and every case to return the public to be able to receive it in the theatre.“