It attracts The Mole to the Belgian coast?

14ef03b6aac793a00a8584b5dbd86163 - It attracts The Mole to the Belgian coast?

Fans of The Mole this summer for a holiday at the Belgian coast, you should be sure to visit in the heart of Blankenberge, belgium is not to be missed. Since the town has been this summer, the host of The Mole at the Sea.

Annick Bongers, director: “for The past few seasons and has scored for The Moles of each week, with more than a million copies. The program was a clear leader on Sunday night, in Flanders, and a very strong brand. On the day of the final, there were more than 10,000 entries for the new season. However, since we are only two and a half men are physically able to take on a trip, we want to be The Mole at the Sea, however, is an answer, and above all, a very nice mole-on experience to give to the many fans around the world.”

Very close to the famous lighthouse or take a short to build a FOUR -, Rodenbach, and eventpartner THIS is entertainment and a real to pop up in The Mole Café where you can enjoy a bite to eat or a drink in a Greek style. It is a café with a large terrace with a sea view will be from July 1 to continually welcome guests. In addition, it is day to day and throughout the summer, until the 13th of september, from ten o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock in the evening. It will also be the last two weekends in september available.

The ships of the Local Economy and the Middle class, and Benny Herpoel: “A unique concept in a unique resort, which is encouraging, we would like to. With the marina as a venue, we make sure to have an activity outside of the centre of the city. Because of this, we can view the flow of visitors, residents, or tweedeverblijvers apart. The café is in full summer, and even longer to open up, we’re giving you the chance to come to the shop, the hustle and bustle it has to be managed. The Mole is a very strong brand, through the infringing activity to our city, we will also have a significant younger audience. The COVID-19-the actions remain in force, together with the company, the recommendations of the Hospitality industry in Flanders and the ministry of Economy to be strictly adhered to.”
But that’s not all of it. What is the bread without the games?