Hans Otten driver’s license is lost?

Hans Otten driver's license is lost?

A remarkable story in The News. Tv-maker, Hans, Otten would be a driver’s license kwijtgespeeld it. It would be, because the news has not been confirmed. The police of Mechelen-Willebroek, would be the driver’s license of the Tournament, have been repealed after he was Monday night and his car have been broken in. Tournament tried to get away, and that didn’t work out because a wheel had broken off. The findings, he would be positively blown into to have it. According to The Latest News of do Otten of the story as “thumb sucking”.

Hans Otten has lost already even have his driver’s license. Therefore, we need to go back to 2007, when he was caught out when he was at a building of the RAILWAY was about to pee. His car, he had, according to The Newspaper, on a bike path in the park position. Tournament was drunk, and it was not at that time.