Danzel, and is a fascinating blonde high score again

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This weekend on TV, and Plus Channel 40, and Telenet, a total of 178 Proximus) by Maarten Cox, in a performance of Christine, A, and Danzel, with their new single, “Whisper, And I Will Know.”

As the fans know, Danzel, of course, for those who have a name, only a vague bell does ring, he was a finalist on Idol, so about 15 years ago and it was one of the few who gets the recording contract is offered, even at the most prestigious American label, Ultra Records. The first single, ‘PUMP IT UP’ was a huge success.
He’s got a top 10 in belgium and the Netherlands and for Dutch-results in a number of other European countries. In Iran, he got the first position in the Dutch charts, being the first Western artist ever. The clip is on YouTube and has now more than 43 million views. A little Belgian artists to be able to such a figure as possible.
After that, Danzel, still hits with “You are all of that” and ” You spin me round (Like a record)’.
Danzel was working on the album together with, among others, in the winter, and D. J. F. R. A. N. K, DJ Rebel, and there are still a few of them.
He’s still a superstar from Poland, Russia and Turkey, the countries to which he will regularly go flying from the audience.
Closer to home, he was recently a guest on the French tv by Patrick Sébastien at the “Les Années Bonheur”.