This summer’s 50 concerts at the Ghelamco Arena

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At the time that the Belgian and international events management company organising an event to raise awareness of the problems faced by the industry in the meantime for more than 3 months of struggling, it becomes known that a small fraction of the international events management company perspective, to get.
After a long period of time from the moment you have little to no social contact, no concerts, live events, and everyone has a desire to get back in the house. But how do you do it in complete safety? The Arena Events will have a positive sign. They will set up on Friday during a press conference for a new kind of concert experience for you. “We will work together with the Flemish artists, who are as much affected by the coronacrisis and can’t wait to get back to work. In the summer, no festivals, we have a series of 50 concerts. Daily shows, live, physical, in real-time ! That is, the Arena summer concerts!”

Which is, Flemish top, between 10 July and 7 August, the atmosphere and the shows at the Ghelamco-Arena, and will take place, which the organisers on Friday announced. The organisers are also required to have more than one gig per day, you can plan, you can be on for 4 weeks, 50 concerts are organized. One corner of the veil is like the organizers are now all lit up: a Mom’s Jacket is definitely in.