This is the a single by Willy Sommers

e076a9d6f776b6a38c78b9eba80ea16a - This is the a single by Willy Sommers

In the summer of 2020, at least in terms of action, which is one of the most peaceful summers in the last decade, the majority of artists in the past. Also, Willy Sommers will be this summer, rather than on the stage, and even though Willy, that would be a total shame, it at the same time, and that it is now time to release it for other things… the first is a preparation for a new album, for example!

This summer, Willy, together with his company m.l.d. Hans Francken is concerned with writing songs, the songs have to select the demos, and who knows, even have a real shot to make it. The road to a new album, it is a process that is a lot of time and energy it takes, Willy will be the strong that he would be there this summer due to the prevailing Coronamaatregelen, pay extra attention to the company… it looks promising for the end result!