Nathalie Meskens: ‘500 is a new wrinkle on the side

Nathalie Meskens: '500 is a new wrinkle on the side

It was a Wednesday there will be a special day, Nathalie Meskens. Well, actually, in the past 365 days have all been for Natalie, since she is pregnant, her life is seriously altered. She was almost a year ago, are pregnant, there ‘celebrated’ it in the 13th on a Wednesday and her daughter, Lima.
“12 of Wednesdays ago, it was the most amazing treasure in the world was born…Is that Lima is already 3 months old?I couldn’t believe it,” he writes as She is on Instagram. It was a shock, and that in the future will be even more likely to happen. “Sometimes you get the feeling as if time is standing still. And yet, as you can see, the time-literally-ahead of tap. For each and every second of the day, it will grow. Each of the first outfitjes in the beginning were too large, are all stored away in a box. When she was born, she had a size zero, in terms of cloth diapers, and now we are already at size two, please let Natalie know.

Hopefully, Nathalie Meskens all to have a care of thought, and she got into any kindergarten, she and Lima are within roughly two years, it wants to send. “Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s really true. What a great adventure, a baby was…every day I hear people tell me:’enjoy it, because it’s so easy’. And that’s what we do,and enjoy!”, will She be on Instagram any further.