Cynthia Reekmans make a comeback with the new lifestyle-program

2bc234e060147a42b16ea8f1c58c1d2a - Cynthia Reekmans make a comeback with the new lifestyle-program

For 8 years, She has become the ultimate symbol of the regional tv channel TVLimburg. 5 years ago, it came to an abrupt end by the memory of a popular program in studioTVL. And that, to the great regret, and still is, a lot of loyal MODEL-viewer.

At this particular time, it makes Kind of her to make a comeback to the national radio TVPlus, the Channel 40 on the Provider. She is presenting her very own programme “My Beautiful Life. “In the name of the program has been made for me,” says Reekmans. “I have a very good life to look back on. I had a happy childhood, a memorable time as a student in Louvain, I got the crown, with Miss Belgian Beauty on top of my head, and it was the host. Have to admit… that it could be worse. When we got our dismissal from the ATV came in a 5 years or so ago, just before Christmas, I was in the sky on my head. What to do now!! I thought it was so unfair, that, for the sake of money and budget, as well as other people, and decided that my job no longer was allowed to do it. That dismissal has left me really touched. Especially since, to this day, people like me still speak about the MODEL. But then again, I’m not to get up. I was a communications manager for a popular cosmetic upmerk Cake, Pur Cake, and the customers kept asking me for business presentations, awardshows, corporate events, and publireportages. More than enough to do so! But you have to stay, of course, dream of being back in a fun and exciting program, to be able to present it. And there was a chance there was a couple of weeks ago. In the midst Coronatijden with all of my eventjobs cancelled, it came all of a sudden that phone call. How unpredictable life can be sometimes!”, winking, the ex-miss.