The Chair continues to do this year in your own home

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As of Monday, the 29th of June, the popular The seat back on One… but special times call for special treatment and special prices. This is the reason why The seat of this summer’s viewers, instead of the other way around.

Every night after The news, The chair was to be seen in One. Just as in the past to get the viewers of the images to see it from where he was standing. But the venue for this summer to recognize, do not have to mention the exact thing. Viewers that are within a radius of ten miles of your location, live online via the passed on which of the branch of The chair is set up. One of the viewers that have correctly guessed, given on the same day in the evening at home, a visit from the reportageploeg the stoelspel to play with. Pass to the player in an easy and fun job, then he or she will receive a check from the Flanders Tourist destination for a holiday in their own country, which is ideal for these times.

Producer: Johan Cell: “it’s a very popular game that many people find an integral part of the summer, it is associated with. Of course, we wanted to do everything possible to make the program for this summer is to return home. When it became clear that the classical formula is due to safety precautions it was not possible, we will have to think about the alternatives. What if the viewers do not get to The seat need to come out, but it’s a chair for them? I am very glad to know that we are working with the creative solutions, the social distancing-time to be able to make that this summer.”

How is the new game from chair to play this game? After the broadcast of The seat, the viewers, a quarter of an hour to register on the web site of One. Anyone have the location of The seat is recognized and is within a 10 mile radius of residence, which can make the evening part. Out of all of the registered and proper entries are there is any a winner will be chosen – it does not have to be the fastest to be surfed – which is the experience of The chair in his house alone. For this viewer at home, it is the stoelspel works: – the candidate must be a special mission within the time, thrilled and encouraged by his or her family members. That command can be anything you like, such as: sign-up within a minute and a half, the whole alphabet is in an egg, and write the letters of The chair in a different colour freaks may have already started to practice.