The Booking Company has its own ice cream parlor at the track

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The coronacrisis the past few months, the tough times are provided. A lot of sectors that have been hard-hit, including the international events management company. Kim Schillebeeckx from the day of booking – and management office of The Booking Company and this was no different. All of the performances of its artists were, in a short time, be completely cancelled until the end of september. Sitting still is not in the dictionary, quickly the idea was and is, therefore, thought Kim to be a concept that is not in her comfort zone is. An innovative and unique belevingsconcept: a pop-up ijsjesbar with fresh ice cream, refreshing drinks, and a nice cup of tea in a unique place with a great building, and the ecological context in Vosselaar. This is a pop-up ice bar opens next Friday, June 19th.

Bruno. The adorable Labradoodle is The Booking Company is a well-known figure, and is even the name of the bar, Bruno’s ijsjesbar, to be exact. Bruno is also reflected in the logo, which was designed with an eye on a kid-friendly atmosphere. And there is even a Bruno’s leg. Have a wonderful and fun-looking ice-cream cone in the shape of a hondenpootje. The ice cream is specially made for the youngest of the ijsliefhebbers, but this is an old guard with a great deal of pleasure to be able to taste it. A portion of the proceeds pays for Kim to LIVE2020, the solidarity fund and Belgian livemuzieksector by the corona virus struck, #UnitedForLiveMusic.