Staff were scheldtirades Sandra Kim is tired of

Staff were scheldtirades Sandra Kim is tired of

Sandra Kim, it appears the talk of the town in the hills of Dominion. A lot of the residents are expressing their frustrations with our Songfestivaltrots in the Family. “They’re destroying our neighborhood,” sounds like it’s in the picturesque community meetings.

“Kids are just kids. And if you move to an area where many young families live and where a school knows that it is not as quiet as in a place where no kids are to be” witnesses, neighbors in the Family.

Sandra Kim, according to local residents frequently call up and scream at the kids who are playing outside. “With their mouth, and so on.” Children by Sandra Kim on the mat will be called, if they make too much noise it would make.

“I have respect for everyone and everything, but the kids in the garden playing-so deal… this is not done,” we read in the weekly paper.

Sandra Kim, according to the locals, the atmosphere in the ward and mess things up. “And we thought that that woman from his life. “J’aime la vie”…”, it sounds evil.