Lionel Messi increased the lead to Barcelona, Bayern celebrates the title

1d1a320bf41030cb74f0a8ecfe8df11c - Lionel Messi increased the lead to Barcelona, Bayern celebrates the title

Lionel Messi increased the lead to Barcelona, Bayern celebrates the title

16 June, 2020 20:04
16-06-20 20:04
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog on the foreign soccer, of the evening. We Pepijn Jansen, and Patrick’s Dad) to keep this blog abreast of the developments in the German Bundesliga, and La Liga in Spain. A lot of fun!!!

  • Bayern takes German title
  • Barcelona are stronger at the top
  • Results:
  • Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich 0-1
  • Gladbach-Wolfsburg 3-0
  • FC, Barcelona, Leganés 2-0

FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 3 hours ago

Barcelona is more robust to the head of business winning
Without having to impress to do in FC Barcelona, because it is supposed to do: win the hekkensluiter Leganés. Ansu Fati and opened flat for the rest of the score, Both Sides have made it into the second half, 2-0 the.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 5 minutes to geleden90+5′ Leganés coach Javier Aguirre makes it to the final whistle do not count. The Mexican gets a red for a comment on the arbitration.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 7 hours ago

Frenkie de Jong tonight, so it will not be in action, and that is a rare and precious thing. Only once before has he missed a competitieduel in Barcelona, spain. In January, it was lacking it at home against Granada due to a suspension following his red card in the match with Espanyol. Tonight it will get the slight pains kampende Dutchman to be quiet because of a jam-packed program.FC, Barcelona, Leganés 10 minutes geleden90 ” There will be an additional 6 minutes of added time here. It is the question of whether in Barcelona at the jaded hekkensluiter of La Liga is still one and knows how to sting.A 10-minute geledenFC Barcelona, spain-Leganés · 17 hours ago

Lionel Messi this season on 21 goals and leads, thereby, to the topscorerslijst in Spain.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · a 22-minute geleden75′ Frenkie de Jong, given all the competition to rest this evening. Riqui Puig, and Samuel Umtiti in the last two drafts in Barcelona, spain. They will come out with Gerard Pique and Arthur is paying off.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 31 minutes ago there are69′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 2-0

Lionel Messi gets behind the ball and gives Leganés goalkeeper Cuellar no chance.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 34 minutes ago –67′ Penalty goal for FC Barcelona!

Last chance for Barcelona to 2-0 to come out. The referee is pointing at the dot after the Brass hit the ground, it is being worked on.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 34 minutes geleden65′ Griezman seems to be real madrid 2-0, but the joy was short-lived. After looking at the pictures, the VAR and the French striker is just offside. It’s 1-0 at the Nou Camp.The 34-minute geledenFC Barcelona, spain-Leganés · a 35-minute geleden63 of Three bills of exchange, Barcelona coach Quique Setién in the meantime been implemented. First of all, scorer Ansu Fati and Sergi Roberto place, to Semedo, and Suárez. A few moments later, pep guardiola is relieved by Vidal. Frenkie de Jong is still with the bank.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 41 minutes ago

Müller: ‘Had a difficult period, had a’
Thomas Müller is very proud of the way in which Bayern Munich, after a poor competitiestart has been restored, in order to get by force majeure, to become a champion. “We’ll have to come back in October and november are very, very hard,” he said after the 0-1 victory in Bremen (germany). “But after that, it is a great start, and we still have points to make against, Leipzig (0-0, red). It’s a great come-back.”FC, Barcelona, Leganés-four hours geleden46 The second half at the Nou Camp has begun. In Barcelona we will see the same eleven players on the field at the meet.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich-one hour ago

The title of the Play is a very important part in the work of Hansi Flick, who, in november, the laid-off, Niko Kovac him. The 55-year-old Flick, it is just the third man who was both a player and as a coach, the champion will Play. Thus, he followed in the footsteps of Franz Beckenbauer and his predecessor, Kovac.FC, Barcelona, Leganés-four hours geledenDe hit by Ansu Fati is in the picture.

GOOAAL Ansu Fati! 🙌🙌
Just for the peace of Barcelona, in a tough race with a 1-0 lead, 👏
#ZiggoSport #LaLiga #BARLEG


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:48 am – June 16, 2020één hours geledenFC Barcelona, spain-Leganés-four hours ago

It was quiet in the Camp Nou. Without Frenkie de Jong and Luis Suárez, the lack of creativity in the team FC Barcelona, that has a little extra time to come up against Leganés. A nice hit of Ansu Fati going to be the home team, however, just having a 1-0-lead in the direction of the locker room.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich-one hour geledenVanwege the coronamaatregelen traditional bierdouche, but it does have a modest celebration on the field, on the weser stadium on foot.


😂 | Championships to celebrate in the year 2020. @FCBayern


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen22:34 am – June 16, 2020FC Barcelona, spain-Leganés-four hours ago,42′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 1-0

And just when you think that Barcelona, after a poor first half in the locker room is going to look, the Catalan one. Ansu Fati takes you from a distance very hard, and it will open in a couple of minutes before the rest of the score.Season one an hour ago

Rooms with balcony or terrace relegated from the Bundesliga
SC Paderborn after just one season, relegated from the Bundesliga. The team’s coach, Steffen Baumgart losing 1-0 to 1. FC-Union-Berlin, and the end result is, anyway, at the bottom. The bishopric was, in any case, a win for Union Berlin, to hope, to hold on to save their lives, but for the visitors after 27 minutes, though at a disadvantage due to an own goal from Ben Zolinski. That is still in strong position coming in Paderborn more than in germany.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich-one hour geledenBayern in Germany, one of a kind. The club wins one more title than any of the other teams in Germany.

30 – Of the @FCBayern feiert seine insgesamt 30. deutsche Meisterschaft. Since the BL-Gründung 1963 and the cavity of the WILL his 29 von 57 möglichen Meistertiteln, and that more than all the others, Vereine zusammen (28). Übermacht. #SVWFCB


AuteurOptaFranzMoment of plaatsen22:25 – June 16, 2020één hours geledenFC Barcelona, spain-Leganés-four hours geleden30 ” As close as it is, Barcelona are still not a hit has been. In reference to Rakitic selling Griezmann a little about it.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2 hours ago

Bayern Munich, for the eighth year in a row, the champion of Germany
For the eighth year in a row, and for the first time in the clubhistorie is Bayern Munich, champion of Germany. A narrow victory against Werder Bremen (0 to 1), it is enough to make with just two rounds to go and a casting gap, and to save the number two Borussia Dortmund. With his 31st goal of the season to crown the Pole, Robert Lewandowski is in Bremen (germany) to the matchwinner.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2-hour geleden90+1 ” is The extra time it runs. There will be a minimum of four minutes.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2-hour geleden90′ What a great opportunity for Werder to the 1-to-1! Manuel Neuer dives for a header from Fin Bartels, stylish, out of the corner.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 2 hours ago

A very strong playing of Leganés at the Nou Camp: ‘He should feel lucky that it’s still 0-0 is.A 2-hour geledenWerder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2-hour geleden87′ biograd na moru smell like a man for a little bit to make up for it and pumped the ball forward. Bayern need to win, because a draw may be the titelfeest she is not to be celebrated.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · a 2-hour geleden14 And again to escape the city. Again, will Guerrero have a huge chance to score a goal but from the edge of the target area shoot at the pole.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2-hour geleden84′ Jack Said to the part taken in biograd na moru. The aanvallender set, Niclas Füllkrug, the home side into the lead in the second half to force the issue.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · a 2-hour geleden11’ – What a chance for Leganés in order for the score to pull on the cord. Miguel Guerrero has the ball here, but it is not to Clement Lenglet, who is on the line and saves the day.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2 hours ago andthe 79 RED and Alphonso Davies!

Does Bayern still have the problem? Davies, who was in the first half of it was red, due to the natrappen, need to go back and to the side with his second yellow card. Bayern have the narrow lead in the final 10 minutes with a man less on the line, to pull out.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · a 2-hour geleden1 After 101 days of rolling the ball at the Nou Camp. FC, Barcelona, Leganés is on the way.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2 hours ago

65′ of Werder Bremen, and has been the preferred opponent, Bayern Munich. In the last eighteen matches played against the North Germans were the Bayern win and the number is nineteen, seems to be in the works as well, though the margin was still only one goal.Club · 2 hours ago

The fabric seems to fall to the Bishopric, and that tonight should be a win at Union Berlin, in order not to be degraded. The band from north Rhine-Westphalia, is looking midway through the second half, still with a 1-0 gap of.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2-hour geleden55′ yet Again, It’s just a knock, but this time, you are going to the party at the Pole is not round. Mueller, who is the assist he gave, turned out to be just in the buitenspelpositie-to-face.FC, Barcelona, Leganés · 2 hours ago

Also, no fans will see the Camp Nou, very nice to look at.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 2-hour geleden46 The second half has started. Bayern Munich seems to be less than an hour away from the first title in the clubhistorie, or Davy Klaassen with Werder Bremen, and have a bit more in the store.La Liga · 2 hours ago

Villarreal beat Mallorca island, there is no winner for Getafe-Espanyol
Villarreal is facing a 1-0 win at Real Mallorca. ‘El Submarino Amarillo’ climb to seventh place in La Liga. Carlos Bacca gives, after a quarter of an hour for the only goal of the match. Getafe-Espanyol, ending in a goalless draw.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 3 hours geledenRobert Lewandowsk this season, more than in any other year, with a guarantee of goals.


👏 | Who else but Robert Lewandowski and his 31 Bundesliga goal of the season. With a personal best time for the Polish striker. @FCBayern are going ahead of the rest in: from 0 to 1.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen21:20 – 16 June 2020Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind: from 0 to 1

The rustsignaal sound at the weser stadium on foot. Bayern Munich’s races, thanks to a goal by Lewandowski just before half-time, in the eighth title in a row. If you win, it is “Der Rekordmeister” is not determined by the only remaining competitor in The germany.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 3 hours ago –43 ” the GOAL Bayern Munich! From 0 to 1

At the start of the break, Bayern Munich still in the lead. After a great dieptepass from Now, will take It to the ball on the chest and get the shot. Acid for Werder Bremen, and, up to this point, but little chance was given.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 3 hours geleden35, ” All the usual bierdouche (that is, due to the coronamaatregelen will not be going to), the players of Bayern Munich and wet. It is a pouring out of the sky in Bremen (germany), where it is ten minutes to rest, still in a 0-0 position.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 3 hours ago

30 ” Robert Lewandowski attempts of three defenders from Werder Bremen to slalommen. The Polish striker has this season been good for as long as thirty goals in the Season.Season · 3 hours ago

Rooms with balcony or terrace should be on tonight to win at Union Berlin, to some extent, to continue to hope for a hero. The team from north Rhine-Westphalia, looks after about half an hour, however, by a 1-0 gap of.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 3 hours geleden27 After about half an hour to play a run Play, the tempo, and there are more and more opportunities. One in favour of the Coman is just next to it, while Kimmich of the crossbar, but in the buitenspelpositie appears to be.Werder Bremen-Bayern Munich · 3 hours geleden20′ He had escaped Davies to a red card! The Canadian full-from Bayern München, but if you feel like it and should be lucky that the referee, a yellow card is sufficient to find it. There is still some irritation in Bavaria, which for the time being, the hands full of biograd na moru.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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