Ignacio and Yvan Brunetti bring a beautiful duet

8e6b8dfadf2584820d130f98818c3a63 - Ignacio and Yvan Brunetti bring a beautiful duet

It’s been a while since we have all of the Ignace Baert heard of it. But hey, there it is, have just changed all that. The singer has released a duet with Yvan Brunetti is included.
Ignacio, who we know from his hit song in 1973, “More Than Sympathy”, ” the songfestivalnummer “Baby, baby” Nicole and Hugo “Stay with me” by John William’s, etc …. it has an Italian single is “L’amore Della Mamma”.

“I wrote this song a long time ago but from the very beginning that I am in a duet, wanted to sing in the Italian language. I am like so many others I have a Italofiel. My love for Italy, and for the love of “La mamma” had me dreaming of an Italian single, to let Ignacio know. Yvan Brunetti, for me, was an almost obvious choice, since he has Italian blood in the veins did flow, and they are very enthusiastic about the song. In a partnership, he saw will sitting there. For the clip, and we could not, of course, leave in the direction of Italy, to return home. The public, on-the-spot and have been excited about the song and the text, giving us as much satisfaction as he gave, and we already have a successful co-operation could be spoken.”