Dutch rapper Lil Small to teach

c43f97430b0f6b51990f62cf93d23553 - Dutch rapper Lil Small to teach

A Lil Small, announces the release of their very own training course on the new on-line platform to Street Life. He is going to present all of its ins-and-outs in the fields of music, adapted to all, and take share. Students will get one year free access to online classes and live events, which, Jorik aka Lil Tiny together with well-known guest teachers, as professional athletes, and fellow artists, as well. In that way, he just wants others dreams to help and encourage in their own path to follow. Interested parties can register as of today to register on The online classes will start on the 29th of July.

A lot of people have big dreams but don’t have the knowledge, the tools and the right mindset in order to make them come true. A Lil Small, or Jorik Scholten, knows better than anyone that getting to the top is by trial and error. No mistakes, no growth. Through the Street of the University, it helps the artist and an entrepreneur, participants in the 50 for online and offline classes, on the road. Along with well-known guest lecturers will share his own experiences and he tells us about the challenges they faced and the obstacles he overcame to get to where he is now.

A Lil Small: “I get all the years of DM’s, e-mails, appjes of the people, and asked if I would give them advice about their music or them as a company, want to start. I am the sort of person who is always in his own way, has to be taken. Now is the time to inspire others to do the same. I’m very much looking forward to it.”