Brihang’s dad has become

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Brihang is the last week for the first time, dad had become. His wife, the Inca is because of the cases, a good daughter, Just. “With a 2 inside, 3 outside. Our daughter is “Just” to leave the maternity ward, and to discover it from around the world!”, write Brihan it on Instagram. It was his birthday, by Eva in The Red, Tourist LeMC, Flip Kowlier, Noémie Wolfs, and the organizers of rock Werchter Boutique. Normally, it would Brihang next weekend at the festival site in Werchter, but the coronamaatregelen that the festival has been cancelled. And that is a double-bales for Brihang. “Dju tell you, I so happy to be included at Werchter Boutique, in 3 days, right Brihang on the Instagram Stories of the year. Well, that and his daughter will be a little longer, to wait for her in the first festivalervaring.