Annelien Coorevits and Yentl Keuppens to join forces

0c2a79fee1311d8a6911c2a464ed1630 - Annelien Coorevits and Yentl Keuppens to join forces

Annelien Coorevits and Yentl Keuppens, along hard at work during the appointment period. Annelien has its own brand, the Volume, and together with Hilde De Valck is running. Angel by Annelien Coorevits, with the letters AC as a subtle reference to the named Annelien, it has been a nice success story in recent years. With that success story, they want to build. A brand new Belgian fashion label with the lines: young, fresh, creative, and have the right dose of sparkle.

In Yentl Keuppens, however, they found that the suitable creative partner. Yentl design, the collection, under the auspices of Annelien and the Us. In the stores, and the collection of purchases made in the month of August. From then on, it is the first sneakpeek to be displayed. The collection at the beginning of the next year in the shops, are located. However, there is still one problem: Annelien and Yentl are still looking for the name of the first collection.