We Kharmach is back with a new eindejaarsconference

70dc461b94d3def060a52c002abb4585 - We Kharmach is back with a new eindejaarsconference

In 2019, was At the Kharmach his debut as a eindejaarsconferencier with a ‘Can I?’. Due to the great success, this autumn, is back with a brand new show. With the Brexit, Megxit, storm, Ciara, kitty Lee, and the endless government crisis, for the moment, and corona virus, he has already substance, plenty of room for a second edition.

An almost completely sold-out tour, and praised the response of the audience, and kijkcijferrecord. What a debut for a stand-up comedian! Are eindejaarsconference was at home by more than 800,000 viewers watched. After this highly successful broadcast is decided on the VRT to get the co-operation of at least two years at a time. This fall, he will be back even snediger, more and hilarischer!

Quote: At the Kharmach: “When I heard that, I would like to as long as two years for a eindconference are allowed to bring in, I jumped in a hole-in-the-air. I have the VRT is really thankful, but also all of the viewers. That is to massive for my presentation are viewed, it really is a lot of work for me. I really learned a lot from my first eindejaarsconference. It is a ridiculous year, as of 2020, and with the birth of my daughter, the next conference is even more personal, more relevant, and more funny. Thank you that I can!”

After all of the events this year and is eagerly looking forward to the new eindejaarsconference.