This Parent can get to the Website for The Knight

This Parent can get to the Website for The Knight

The news is that it’s Really Antwaarps Teater were to go bankrupt, and went to a lot of people have come as a big surprise inside. What do you mean by bankruptcy? So thought, also, With the Parent, for many years, one of the strongholds of the Real Antwaarps Theater, and even a business associate of the Faculty of The Knight. In All extracts With the Parent rock hard, off to the Website for The Knight. “Krokodillentranen! He is sitting on a serious pile of cash!”, know the Parent.

We are familiar With the Parent as a guy who don’t mince words it occupies. Especially when there is an injustice involved, let the Parent be heard, and that is not any different. The actor saw it last week as well as the tears from the Faculty to The fore in the various news bulletins. Knight said on tv that he Really Antwaarps Theater had come to an end. The coronacrisis, there was no more money for the shows to continue to do so, and so he pulled the plug out of it. Something that several people are strange in the room. Last year, it was still in the building, it’s Really Antwaarps Theater, for a sold. Where is the money going?

“There’s something standing in the way. I can’t stand that the Website is now pretending to be him for a disaster to happen to them, as he was last year, the entire event has sold out and is home to a lot of money there. And then in front of the camera krokodillentranen are in vienna, and the fans are begging for money for their tickets don’t get to ask the questions. I’m Sorry, it makes me sick”, is the response With the Parent at All.

Ruud, De Ridder, responds to the magazine, that the money from the sale of the hall and the rest of the building was divided was to be among the three co-shareholders. “Two of them in the past, when I have a solid loan that will have to shut down, and there’s another one. In addition, the fans are proposed in order to help me with the money from the tickets does not go back to the questions. The uncertainty of the coronamaatregelen have given me the courage to taken away from to have to go through”, what it sounds like.