Once again, a dead-in-Family,

7cf2b621954a34647797923e13c1fde4 - Once again, a dead-in-Family,

For the fans of ‘Friends’ will be in the next few months, nagelbijtend count down to the start-up of the television broadcasts of their favorite soap opera. The pictures of the “Family” have been less than two weeks, by which time, the first dead though.
For the shot in the middle of the following week, the makers of ‘the Family’ in search of a dead body/caregiver. That should be Wednesday the 24th of June, in the afternoon, it will be available in Yellow. We are going to assume that the pictures in the hospital of Yellow will happen to them, and their corpses were often the backdrop for the pictures.

The big question is: what the dead have to do with the current story lines in the Family. Does Tony have been a victim in the home, or failing that there is someone in the hospital? Answers to let you be in september now.