Guardiola: ‘the Players aren’t ready for three games a week

aa4eb53a83919d1cba7c53e7826b1377 - Guardiola: 'the Players aren't ready for three games a week

Guardiola: ‘the Players aren’t ready for three games a week

June 16, 2020 16:55
16-06-20 16:55
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Manchester City’s manager, Josep Guardiola will be in the next few weeks, a lot of are going to rotate it, because he thinks that his players are not fit enough to be in the busy schedule for the resumption of the Premier League.

“If you ask me how the team is doing, the answer is: I don’t know. We’ll see tomorrow,” said Guardiola on Tuesday on a digital press conference for the thuisduel with Arsenal on Wednesday night, the first Premier League game for City since the 8th of march.

“I think we have to be ready to get a single game to play. However, we have three days later, and then four days after that, another. We’re not ready for it. But that is the same for all clubs, not just Manchester City.”