Family, the actress shows off her new boyfriend

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It’s been a while since we have all of Cathérine Kools heard of it. The actress played it until a couple of years ago, the role of the Loan to Van den Bossche, in a ” Family.” That partnership came to an end, but Cathérine Kools won’t be sitting still. Or, now, a little bit, as it’s the only time you can’t do much from the ‘normal’ things to do. The actress is happily in love, and that everyone is allowed to know about it. On Instagram shared a Kools a picture of herself, along with her boyfriend, Aaron. “the sun shines in our eyes, together, out, together”, he wrote to Catherine in the photo. The two are now 10 months along, it is high time to take a photo, share it, thought Catherine. “You have has a Ending! Enjoy all the love and thoughts!!”, wrote one of the followers of the show. And good for them, Cathérine Kools, is madly in love with it and looks radiant.