Eva Jane debuts her brand new single, ‘Fly Away’

84dc739073b272f5e845f64e5be967d0 - Eva Jane debuts her brand new single, 'Fly Away'

The lead singer of a Love For Music, and a Café building that bears his name, Peter, Live, shortly after his in the palace of sports, and many other projects, has been working for years on her own music, with a couple of great singles, and as a result. For example, in 2018 the “Beautiful Face” and last year’s “the Flowers”, both are songs in which Eva Jane proves that she is a damn good song to make up and sing to it, but we knew that already).

The new single, “Fly Away” is a catchy, up-tempo, irresistible, and be a happy story, in which Eve, as Jane sings about how all the male attention, is sick, and freedom to enjoy. The single is also backed by a hilarious music video that Eve, Jane, and a lot of well-known admirers of the door-point out, john Smith, Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, Erik Van Looy, Mathias Coppens, Sean Dhondt, Kobe Ilsen, Koen and Kris Wauters and Stan van Samang, Jonas Van Geel: they all have to believe in it.