The Week of truth for the evenementsector

51c81b8be21fdcd85f87a52044c6325c - The Week of truth for the evenementsector

“As a sports Arena, in normal conditions, the maximum output that a vaccine is the only way,” said Jan Van Esbroeck, the CEO of the Arena Group yesterday at the StuBru-host Linde Merckpoel, the words that he confirms it in the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. The evenementsector the “week of truth”. Today, representatives of the group of the Alliance of the Belgian Eventfederaties, along with 3 ministers. “Just give us some perspective, otherwise they will be this year and nothing at all at all times. No to festivals and concerts, and corporate events and conferences,” says Bruno Schaubroeck in The News. The sector is today at the offices of the federal ministers Alexander De Croo and Denis Ducarme, and the Flemish Minister for Work, Hilde Crevits.

A new session of the National Security council is looking out for the middle of July, but as long as it can be for the organiser of an event does not need to wait for that. As of July 1, there may be things taking place, with up to 200 people, but it is how it is in the fall, going to the industry is one big question mark. “An event is to put into place will take 2 months to complete. At the government’s request, we now have a date, or at least to have a clear vision for the future. This week has been really critical, because we have all the events of the 2020s, large and small, with a cross”, says the newspaper.

In addition to the measures that we can perfectly well imagine the wide-international events management company is in need of clarification. Until the end of August, there will be no mass events will be permitted and will be taken on the (wedding)parties in bars, not much else. And it’s an open question whether it is the fall going to make a change? “The fire has been extinguished, we have removed the virus from the neck skin through which we take the reins of what can be resolved, they said it was the last day in the virological community, but there is, of course, there is also another account with a 2nd wave of a resurgence.