The Chair is coming along

c3e2c043b66062492065fb51aaa48961 - The Chair is coming along

As of Monday, the 29th of June is The ‘Seat’ back at One. Each and every day of the week is the game, right after The ‘News’ for 19 hours. “The Chair” shall, in the course of the season in a different way to play it. This time, it’s not the viewers that get to the chair we would highly recommend the team and the program pulls in each and every day to be one of the participants.

One of the spectators, who know the church and the chair, will receive a home visit from ‘The chair’, and the stoelspel to play with. Those who pass the assignment will receive a check from the Flanders Tourist destination for a holiday in their own country.

The Seat, as of Monday, the 29th of June, 1940, a-hour One.