She has A criminal, a fat, single

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She has A is the of the day to re-on the TV to see it in the ‘For the Love of Music’, at least in the iterations of the ever-popular season 3 on tv. Last week, we were able to see how Natalia, Clouseau, Bart Peeters, Gers Pardoel, Lady Linn and Josje for the songs of the Artist in a new-look strike this week, it is an honor to be next to Lady Linn.

You also have one of their own songs and a new approach may be the proves that She has today with her latest single ‘Criminal (Zomermix)’. The song was already on the track listing of the Artist’s most recent album, ” Sjokola but themselves, it is now only a single… in a new summer version that is adapted to the hot temperatures and long summer evenings ahead!