Kim Debrie zomert, in Flanders,

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It will be for the next two months, a lot of fun, in their own country, because, along with all of the Flemish population experiences a Radio 2 this summer, close to home. The Largest of the family of color as it does every year in the summer, with a few fixed values, the new entrants, and musical events. In this way, Kim Debrie in the go Crazy a Lot of a Vacation to the finger on the pulse of everything that moves in the Flanders region, both along the coast and in the interior. In the meantime go to the Radio 2-ladybikers the nicest cycle routes, they are well aware of the shelter since this summer, we have a unique opportunity to depart from well-trodden paths, and the Flanders Country in a different way and to discover or re-discover. That is, does the Radio 2, with reporters, on the road, but also with the inspiration of the listeners, who all work from home more than ever before, live with it and experience it.

Rino Ver Eecke (nethoofd Radio 2): “in The summer, looks set to Radio 2 and this year is a completely different matter. Corona threw for us a spanner in the works for the development of our superbekende zomerprojecten. In a few weeks time, all of our radio and onlinemakers at the start it was going to be a new radiovoorstellen to do. What is the result? A wonderful and surprising of the summer at Radio 2, with artists, live music, extra projects, and a lot of online content. A new feature is that you get the best of Radio 2-the app will take you on a vacation… to Radio 2, you this summer will not turn back!”