An Lemmens, in tears on father’s day

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Father’s day is, how many families will be this holiday isn’t celebrated in them? This year, more than any other year, because he’s not at his favorite football team was able to go and have a look, or not to have a bike race on tv, you know. Also in the house, An Lemmens was father’s day, was celebrated, and there was a little tear in to it. Daughter’s, Rosa was wearing on Sunday-namely a good song for it, and that allows for tears with An Lemmens and her husband, Sam. Since it was Sunday, the focus was on.
“Not by blood, but by choice and out of love, 100%, all day, every day,” wrote An Lemmens is on Instagram. “Come here, 2 adults and fun activities for children, cry when it’s Rosa and her song voordroeg? Well, maybe. We are all blessed with some of the other “daddy” in our lives,” beams the host.