Bobby Lewis death

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A lot of people will go by the name of Bobby Lewis did not immediately ring a bell, but a large group will have its one and only hit, “Tossin’ And Turnin'” is without a doubt note that at the moment.

Bobby Lewis scored in 1961, a hit single with the mentioned issue. However, it would be the only one to hit the 95-year-old age-death to become a singer. “Tossin’ And Turnin'” was in 1961, not less than 7 weeks at 1 on the official Us charts and, thus, he knew that not even the biggest hit of that year to be scored, and so did he, so it is better than the other, Roy Orbison, Del Shannon, Bobby Vee, Connie Francis, and Elvis Presley.

Bobby Lewis, and passed away at the end of april, but his son confirmed the news, just this past weekend on the Board.