Bayern will once again move in the direction of the title in the Bundesliga

e96de16c8aa7e62b6104f58fd612b2d7 - Bayern will once again move in the direction of the title in the Bundesliga

Bayern will once again move in the direction of the title in the Bundesliga

13 June, 2020 15:13
13-06-20 15:13
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Good afternoon and welcome to our liveblog on the foreign soccer, it is today. In this blog we will keep you up to date with the developments in the La Liga, the Bundesliga, and the Coppa Italia.

  • Results:
  • Rcd Espanyol-Alavés 2-0
  • The Düsseldorf-Dortmund – From 0 To 1
  • Paderborn-Bremen, In 1 To 5
  • Wolfsburg-Freiburg 2-2

Club · * * * a few hours ago

Werder Bremen to win thanks to two goals in a match Said
Werder Bremen’s book, partly thanks to Davy Klaassen with a crucial victory at the hekkensluiter of Paderborn in the fight against relegation from the Bundesliga. The ex-following his departure to chelsea and scores two more times for the rest, that is one beautiful header. Thanks to the victory through Werder Bremen for the safe fifteenth place, three points).for a few seconds, and geledenBundesliga · 2 hours ago

Haaland is the headline in Dortmund, germany, in the extreme, to win
Borussia Dortmund’s hold, thanks to Erling Haaland, three points in the away game at Fortuna Düsseldorf, with the number sixteen on the Season. The striker is the headline to a half of a minute, for a period of time in the of winning from 0 to 1, which, Bayern Munich and even up to the Tuesday to wait as the German national championship.Club · 5 minutes agoby 90+5′ GOAL Borussia Dortmund! From 0 to 1

Erling Haaland for Borussia Dortmund! The invaders, who are back celebrating after a muscle injury, the headline in half a minute, for a period of time with the ball in a phenomenal way in the goal for Fortuna Düsseldorf.Club · 9 mins geleden90′ this was too much for Steven Skrzybski again, and the immortal be able to make it to Fortuna Düsseldorf, but the striker has his sights not on the focus set on the counter and go into the yards next to it.Season · the 17-minute geleden82 Here is Borussia Dortmund in a safe place. The efforts of Steven Skrzybski of Fortuna Düsseldorf, is bouncing on the pole.Club · 18 hours ago

Raphael Guerreiro is thinking here, even Borussia Dortmund to lead to put at number sixteen, Fortuna Dusseldorf, but later picks up the videoscheidsrechter in. The Portuguese midfielder, it would be hands in the run-up to his goal, so the position is still 0-0 in Düsseldorf, germany. A ten-minute play.An 18-minute geledenLa League · 23 hours agoKick-off! Also, in Spain they roll the ball back to the soccer field with Celta de Vigo-Villarreal. There are no Dutch people on the field.Club · 27 minutes ago

Wout Weghorst had in the first half with two goals from the celebrated man to VfL Wolfsburg, but in football things can just be different. After a missed opportunity during a 2-2 stand up against SC Freiburg it will be a good hit on his team mates.Club-a 30-minute geleden62′ GOAL in Eintracht Frankfurt’s! 1-2

Eintracht Frankfurt put the game on its head after the yellow card for Deryck Boyata for Hertha BSC. Andre Silva, the move of the team from Bas Dost for the first time in the lead, with a nice heel.Season · in 32 minutes geleden67′ Goal is disallowed! The goal of Raphaël Guerreiro for the Borussia Dortmund is going through. The Portuguese would be the hands having before the effective uithaalde with his left hand. Dortmund should be on the hunt for a goal.Club · 35 minutes ago –65′ GOAL Borussia Dortmund! From 0 to 1

Raphael Guerreiro puts Borussia Dortmund are finally on the edge. In the midfield chasing the ball with his left hand kiezelhard up against the ropes. This is Bayern Munich we’re waiting for the national championship.A 35-minute geledenBundesliga · 40 minutes ago there are50′ GOAL in Werder Bremen! 0 to 4

The cloth seems to be to fall for the SC Paderborn in the Bundesliga, as Maximilian Eggestein, there was 0 to 4 on. As Fortuna Dusseldorf won’t lose from Borussia Dortmund will get relegated to Paderborn for the Second Season.Club · 43 minutes ago –52′ GOAL in Eintracht Frankfurt’s! 1-to-1

The Dutch day of the German Bundesliga, it is a very satisfying one. After Wout Weghorst (VfL Wolfsburg) and Davy Klaassen (Werder Bremen), it is also Bas Dost is accurate. He will bring to the position to Eintracht Frankfurt in the balance in the away game against Hertha BSC.Season-four-hour geledenKlaus Gjasula has moved the history of the Club reached out with his seventeenth goal of the season.

17 – With his 17th yellow card this season, He #Gjasula has set a new record in the #Bundesliga. Addiction. #SCPSVW


AuteurOptaFranzMoment of plaatsen16:08 pm – June 13, 2020Bundesliga-four hours ago,46′ GOAL to SC Freiburg! 2-2

Wout Weghorst in the box, with VfL Wolfsburg, as an SC Freiburg in the first minute of the second half, and again, on the same level. Roland Sallai, nine hundred and blasts a rebound in. The two hits by Weghorst, are like snow in the sun disappears.Bundesliga-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball will roll in the German stadiums. In the second half of the five-middagwedstrijden is on the way.the one-hour geledenBundesliga one day ago

It is to rest in the German Bundesliga. After a Dutch-tinged the first half, the scoreboard:

  • The Fortuna Düsseldorf-Borussia Dortmund 0-0
  • 1. FC Köln-Union Berlin 0-1
  • Hertha BSC-Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0
  • SC Paderborn-Werder Bremen 0-3
  • VfL Wolfsburg-SC Freiburg 2-1

Bundesliga-four hours ago –43 ” the GOAL of the SC Freiburg! 2-1

The goals from Wout Weghorst prove to be of great worth, as an SC Freiburg to move in from the rest of the aansluitingstreffer on the board. Luke-Holer, it is the user himself.The La Liga one day ago

Hazard analysis and Asensio return to Real Madrid
Eden Hazard and Marco Asensio are tomorrow’s selection is Real Madrid, the league will resume with a match against Eibar (kick-off 19: 30). The two attackers would have this season due to injuries, it is actually no longer in the action. The switch went in February to an ankle injury in that, to him, a few months, in the end, the love and Asensio and tore off all of it in the preparation of his cruciate ligament off.Bundesliga-four hours ago,a 39′ GOAL in Werder Bremen! 0 to 3

Davy Klaasen is on, when the knife is at the throat of Werder Bremen, stands in the degradatiestrijd in the Season. The ex-following his departure to chelsea volleert the ball, good with the ball. This can be not a problem to go to Werder Bremen on a visit to hekkensluiter rooms with balcony or terrace.Bundesliga-four hours ago,36′ GOAL in Werder Bremen! 0 to 2

Werder Bremen is doing a good business, for peace and against hekkensluiter rooms with balcony or terrace. Yuya Osako doubled the score, and the names of the visitors.the one-hour geledenBundesliga one day ago

Wout Weghorst clenches his fist, and shows a gentle smile on his face. The striker has two matches in a row, spot-on, for VfL Wolfsburg, is that with a 2-0 lead against SC Freiburg thanks to two hits on the board.La Liga-four hours geledenHet is the last in the Espanyol-Deportivo Alavés. The team has a relatively easy afternoon, and after an early red card was that of Alavés, and wins, 2-0.Bundesliga-four hours ago –28′ a GOAL disallowed VfL Wolfsburg!

Ginczek found to re-purpose it, but, once again, the match was disapproved of! At this time, due to a handsbal.Club · 2 hours ago –23′ GOAL VfL Wolfsburg! 2-0

After a turbulent phase, in which the first goal by Germany was disallowed due to an offside, gives Wout Weghorst from eleven yards for his second of the afternoon. In the rush to play with a turban on his head due to a collision.Club · 2 hours ago –20′ GOAL, the Werder Bremen! From 0 to 1

A Dutch goal in the Bundesliga, as Davy Klaassen brings with Werder Bremen, with his head on the edge! There had to have been used Milot Rashica is still a free kick and missed it.Club · 2 hours of geleden17, ” That was the perfect opportunity for Borussia Dortmund to get a head start to come out. It is suddenly all the way open in the back, at Fortuna, Düsseldorf, which Achraf Hakimi have all the space to score a goal. He shoots at the general Information Kastenmeier.Club · 2 hours ago there areis a 15′ GOAL VfL Wolsburg! 1-0

Wout Weghorst brings to the team a competitive edge! The Dutchman, who only last week that the winning match was against Werder Bremen, who will get the ball on a silver platter aangespeeld and slide easily.Club · 2 hours of geleden8, ” It is a breath away and that seems to have a major impact on the players, all of which are still not fully sharp appear to be. The match has yet been granted.Club · 2 hours ago1′ The ball is in the Club! Five games are on the road.Club · 2 hours ago

About a quarter of an hour there are as many as five games into the Season. In this liveblog, we will focus on the Fortuna Düsseldorf-Borussia Dortmund, the latter of the title alive and hope to keep it. We, of course, to the achievements of Davy Klaassen and Wout Weghorst at Paderborn-Werder Bremen , and VfL Wolfsburg-Freiburg. Of course, we also have the most important developments in the other two games.La Liga · 2 hours ago –47′ GOAL in rcd Espanyol’s! 2-0

Rcd Espanyol is doing right things in the second half. Lei Wu, one-on-one with the keeper, and finish cold-blooded off.International football · 2 hours geleden46 The second half of the Espanypol-Deportivo Alavés is on the way.La Liga · 3 hours ago,45+3′ GOAL in rcd Espanyol’s! 1-0

Who takes his team to get on with a wonderful header in the lead. It is right on the rest.Season · 3 hours geledenEn, for the sake of completeness, we will give you more time in the lineup of FC Koln and Union Berlin.

Lineup, FC Köln: Horn; Ehzibue, Czichos, Bornauw, This is, Skhiri, Hints, Thielmann, Uth, Kainz Cool.

Lineup, Union Berlin: Gikiewicz, Trimmel, Friedrich Schlotterbeck, Delivering, Promel, Gentner, Malli, Ingvartsen, Bulter, Mr Andersson.Season · 3 hours ago

Davy Klaassen is hoping this afternoon with Werder Bremen, and some much needed points to catch up against Paderborn. The Dutch start-just the basics.

Preparation Of Werder Bremen: Pavlenka; Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Moisander, Augustinsson; Vogt, M., Eggestein, Judy; Osako, Sargent, Rashica.

Drawing-Rooms With Balcony Or Terrace: Zingerle; John, Strohdiek, Rumpf, Collins; Evans, Gjasula, Vasiliadis, Antwi-Adjei; Srbeny, Michael.Season · 3 hours geledenEn the formation of the opposing team from the Dost of the afternoon, Hertha BSC, is well-known that

Drawing-Hertha BSC: Jarstein; Pekarík, Boyata, Torunarigha, Plattenhardt; Maier, Skjelbred, Grujic; Darida; Piatek, Ibisevic.


So, go wirs an: This Is 1⃣1⃣ Herthaner to start with #BSCSGE und sollen uns heute den dritten Heimsieg in a Series of caves! ✊🔵⚪🔵⚪✊


AuteurHertha BSCMoment of plaatsen14:30 am – June 13, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours geledenEn we already have the next a Dutchman, who this year is in taking action in the Bundesliga: Bas Dost. The shortstop is in the base, with Eintracht Frankfurt, and in Berlin against Hertha BSC.

+++ STARTELF +++


AuteurEintracht FrankfurtMoment of plaatsen14:31 am – June 13, 2020Buitenlands of soccer · 3 hours geledenWeghorst, take it up with Germany, therefore, are up against SC Freiburg, the following are the eleven names of the field in order to send

Unsere Aufstellung für #WOBSCF 💪
___ #SCF


AuteurSC FreiburgMoment of plaatsen14:29 – June 13, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours geledenWout Weghorst made it last week, and the winning match against Werder Bremen. Now, he will once again have the opportunity to apply. The Dutch state and the foundation of VfL Wolfsburg for the game against SC Freiburg.

#WOBSCF #VfLWolfsburg


AuteurVfL Germany ENMoment of plaatsen14:34 am – June 13, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours geledenHierbij of the eleven names on behalf of Fortuna Duesseldorf in Dortmund, germany.

Unsere Startelf for the Part of gen-den @BVB! 🔥
#f95 | 🔴⚪️ | #F95BVB


AuteurFortuna DüsseldorfMoment of plaatsen14:26 – June 13, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours geledenOver an hour, hopes for Borussia Dortmund’s slight chance of the title alive. In a boost for the team, that is topschutter Erling Braut Haaland can get back into it after a knee injury. He is on the bench:

🚨 Our goal is to be the Starting XI, at Dusseldorf 🚨


AuteurBorussia DortmundMoment of plaatsen14:30 am – June 13, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours geledenBayern Munich can, in theory, champion. If Borussia Dortmund lose at Fortuna Dusseldorf and Bayern themselves have to win of Borussia Mönchengladbach is called “der Rekordmeister” champion. The team should be tonight, but the geschorsten Robert Lewandowski (30 goals, 2 assists) and Thomas Müller (7 goals, 20 assists) set up. Anyone else’s evening, and so the goals and the assists record.

It: 30⚽️ 3🅰️
Müller, a: 7⚽️ 20🅰️
Responsible for 66 per cent, or Bayern’s Bundesliga goals this season, both are suspended for tonight’s game ❌


AuteurBundesliga EnglishMoment of plaatsen14:07 – June 13, 2020La League · 3-hour geledenDe a huge mistake of the travel agency in. Here, it was not a value is required.




AuteurHéctorMoment of plaatsen14:24 – June 13, 2020Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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