“Tik Tak” as the first TELEVISION production ever to be seen on the BBC

"Tik Tak" as the first TELEVISION production ever to be seen on the BBC

Special news for all Teen, Junior: tic tac, it will soon be seen on the BBC, the public broadcasting service in the united Kingdom, and as the first TELEVISION production ever made. The iconic children’s tv program from 1981 to last year, in a new twist, and scored rapidly, not only in Belgium but also internationally. The renewed tick tock-set has already been seen in austria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Israel and Russia. This success was once again confirmed that children in Mexico and the Uk will soon be able to enjoy the city’s iconic life, and the drinkmannetje. This is the first time that a TELEVISION production, and TELEVISION children’s show on the BBC.

Rather, it was the series of Salamander will be screened on the BBC, a series of Skyline Entertainment, for One. This was honored in 1966 with the series Captain Zeppos, an output of the then-BRT.

The original tic tac series, it was developed by Mil Lenssens and it came out in 1981, and for the first time on tv. Tick tock scored, and even then, internationally, and globally, are shown. Since that makes up the series with the iconic life is part of the collective memory.