Doutzen Kroes ‘followed the heart,” in a protest on the Dam square

210a44d0a7d095cb155c307c74fb78b8 - Doutzen Kroes 'followed the heart," in a protest on the Dam square

Doutzen Kroes ‘followed the heart,” in a protest on the Dam square

June 12, 2020 at 14:08
12-06-20 14:08
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Doutzen Kroes understands that it is critical of the fact that she and many others in the Black Lives Matter protest at the Dam, but says that, at that moment, her heart followed suit.

“I think it’s very important for him to have been, in order to show solidarity with all those who are struggling,” says Kroes said in an interview that she had with Carol Westrik, due to the end of her long years of cooperation with Hunkemöller.

“It felt like that was all I could do, and that is why I wanted it with all my heart. I know that there are a lot of negative responses, came out, and I understand that. I know how hard all the staff in the past have worked, and it was certainly not my intention to be disrespectful, but it came from my heart and not my mind.”