Yolanthe Cabau very happy with the TABLE title, an All-Time Favorite

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Yolanthe Cabau very happy with the TABLE title, an All-Time Favorite

April 30, 2020 at 14:21
30-04-20 at 14:21
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Well-known Dutch and international celebrities are using social media regularly, you can see it in their lives. communicate throughout the day, updates are the stars in place.

3 hours ago

Yolanthe Cabau is happy with the title TABLE

Yolanthe Cabau was by the TABLE three times been voted the most sexy woman of Holland, and the leaf is added to the All Time Favourite Award to date. “Thank you so much for the great compliment,” says the actress and tv presenter, who in may announced that the break-up with ex-footballer says His Side will not be sudden.yesterday, at 14:00

Jim Bakkum and Bettina Holwerda celebrate the nine-year-old anniversary

Jim Bakkum and Bettina Holwerda will celebrate on Tuesday that it will be exactly nine years since they tied the knot did. That told Bakkum with the Intagram-followers, in some of the photos from their beautiful day. The two got to know each other when they were both in the musical Grease play. Together they have three children.yesterday at 10:42, Michael Jordan’s catch of tuna, to 200 pounds
During a fishing competition, Michael Jordan, is a tuna of 200 pounds, to the hook of the shot. The former profbasketballer that a lot of the publicity generated by the documentary, The Last Dance, is currently in fifth place in the competition, which will run until the end of Saturday.yesterday at 06:41 pm

Prince Philip celebrates its 99th birthday with a new photo

The British royal family on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the prince Philip has a new photo is released of him and his wife, reine-Elizabeth. The prince and his wife will stay because of the coronacrisis at Windsor Castle.yesterday at 06:15

Darryl King is satisfied, after up to 30 people

Darryl King has been pleased, after a gig at Amsterdam’s Toomler. “30 people,with 5 comedians. Top of the evening,” says the comedian about his act in compliance with applicable coronamaatregelen.on Tuesday, at 20:07, Raymond van Barneveld, ‘supertrots’ to take The perfect picture

Raymond van Barneveld, will compete in the fifth season of the program, It’s a perfect picture, in which famous people to determine who is the best photographer. “Supertrots in order to be able to report that I have this season and can do this,” says the former professional darts player. Contacted during the course of the first season of the programmaconcurrentie of Bibi Breijman, Janny van der Heijden, ” The Emperor’s, Victoria Koblenko, Soy Kroon and Bert van Leeuwen, Patricia, you are Mine, Art Rooijakkers, and Miljuschka Witzenhausen.on Tuesday, at 16:16

Trijntje Oosterhuis is the coronakilo’s are not taken into account

Trijntje Oosterhuis is the tank going to be in the “coronakilo again to get in for a photo shoot. The singer is “back on track”.on Tuesday, at 14:08

A Lil’ Small-is celebrating the first birthday of his son.

Rapper Lil’ Small and Beautiful Vaes will celebrate on Tuesday, the first anniversary of their son’s. “Congratulations on your first year anniversary my friend! Whatever, I love you and I’m so proud of you,” said the rapper on Instagram.
on Tuesday at 12:12 pm

Klaas van Kruistum re-united with the one Who is the Mole?-the team

Klaas van Kruistum shared via Instagram a photo of the participants of the sixteenth season of Wie is de Mol? a reunion of love. “After five years of our journey we will not forget. It’s still a toss-up between having fun and a good conversation (with Taeke). This was one of the best get-togethers,” says Van Kruistum.on Tuesday, at 10:37

Kim Feenstra is sharing a proud selfie

The pregnant model Kim Feenstra has shared a picture of her face is visible. “I am for growth and I’m putting it out there. This is my most expensive selfie ever,” says Feenstra.on Monday, at 19:41

Claudia de Breij is very afraid of mice

For the people who think it’s all glitz and glamour at the Insta of the stars, but the quality that I look for in a wife sent out in order to get her to let you know that it’s a cat with a mouse inside as well would have to be taken,” writes the comedian on her Instagram under a photo in which they’re salvation in a chair. “A bit of fear in a mouse model.”on Monday at 15:52

Kris Jenner set Kanye West’s place in the sun

Kris Jenner has nothing but praise for her son-in-law Kanye West. The rapper is celebrating his 43rd birthday, and his mother-in-law would like it. “You’re such a great son, a father, a husband, an uncle, a brother and a friend. Thank you for making such a special and important part of our family. I like a lot of you,” said the mother of Kim Kardashian.on Monday, at 14:10

Beau van Erven Dorens meaning of the messages on bloedlip

While the kite has a Beau van Erven Dorens is a bloedlip subject, but of ‘being’ is not an event, meaning that the presenter, after the multi-media message, to devote to it. “It’s all nonsense… I don’t have anything except for a blue band. And the red in her eyes. It was a great surfweekend!”on Monday, at 10:40 am

Elske DeWall-in anticipation of the daughter

Singer, Elske DeWall was recently announced in the expected to be. Now, she shares on Instagram that a girl will be. DeWall has a relationship with a common drink Kooistra. The 34-year-old singer was in may of 2014, the mother of a son, Herre, from a previous marriage.on Monday at 05:15

Andre Dongelmans calls for a positive approach

Andre Dongelmans has a picture of himself and posted it on Instagram, and calling other black men to do the same thing, but as a part of a Black Lives Matter action on social media. “Let’s go with all of the negativity that is now, but a good thing to do,” said the Luizenmoeder-an actor, who is in his socialemediakanaal had heard about the Black Lives Matter movement.on Sunday at 18:27, J. K. Rowling, is under fire after tweet about menstruation

J. K. Rowling will get a lot to choose from on Twitter. The British author said on the platform, how they are men and women who are menstruating, it would have to be called. She was playing with a couple of variations on the album, such as “women”. That earned her a storm of criticism, because, in theory, men and transgendered people will also be able to menstruate.

“People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone please help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?
Opinion: Creating a more equal (post-COVID-19-world-for-people-who-menstruate


AuteurJ.K. RowlingMoment of plaatsen23:35 – 6 June 2020zondag at 15:13

Ali B is floating in the spot with the outfit of Ilse DeLange
The outfit of the jury, Ilse de lange, we will be in The voice of Holland, it was the talk of the town on social media. Ali-B, floats over Instagram and now also in the spotlight with his co-worker. “Spot the difference”, he wrote to a constructed image.on Sunday, at 12:54 pm

Jim Bakkum is grateful that he is with family

The coronamaatregelen have led to the fact that people are a whole lot thuiszitten. Because of this, Jim Bakkum in the past, each and every development of the daughter, Molly, from up close to see. He shared it with his Instagram followers how excited he was. “What I most cherish from the past year that I have any new ‘step’ that is Molly’s life to put it was. That is so very special to me because it has never happened that I spent months, day after day, my children, ‘” writes the singer below is a picture of Molly and I went to see them.

The 32-year-old singer goes on to say: “Now I saw, literally, every motor step, new words, new emotions, and tones in her voice. This is our third and final child, and with a busy month coming up, I am reminded, suddenly, of how good it is, is that I have this experience with my kids, and that evolution, as a conscious experience.”Saturday, at 21:58

Kim Feenstra in ‘zaterdagavonddate’ with a toddler

Kim Feenstra has a Saturday night for a “date” with a toddler. At the end of may, it was announced that the model is pregnant with her first child.on Saturday, at 19:28, Rachel is in the Cockpit and has twin beds in the bedroom

Surprise, the reporter on the night, as he was in the course of the tour, Rachel is in the Cockpit that they were in her bedroom, in her house, in the Centre, two king-sized beds up against each other set. The widow of André Hazes (1951-2004) confesses to the love of open spaces.on Saturday, at 19:06

Burps, Geert-Jan has a new horse

Boer, Geert-Jan welcomes a new horse. According to the ex-participant of relatieprogramma the Farmer wants a Wife , the beautiful animals in Belgium.on Saturday, at 17:16

Live Tech would like to congratulate winner of the Voice Kids (spoiler)

Samantha Steenwijk (holland) the winner of The Voice Kids by the year 2020 and indicative to put. “Non-alcoholic champagne for the new winner,” said the girl.on Saturday, at 16:44

Banksy speaks out about the Black Lives Matter movement, the

Artist, Banksy, has two works of art created on the Black Lives Matter protest movement. “At first, I thought that I was just in my mouth, had to give in and listen to black people about this problem, accompanied with the artist and two works of art using a flame, a dark figure and a burning American point of clarification. “But why would I want to? It’s not their problem, but that’s me. People of color are being left in the lurch by the system. It’s a white system. This is a white problem. And if the white people will not be able to resolve, then someone needs to kick in the door.”on Saturday, at 14:47 theRelease of S10 is writing a children’s book

S10 is in the process of writing a children’s book, and recommend it to everyone to do the same at the coronacrisis she said on the radio show Humberto. “It’s going to most likely never come true, but it’s just fun for me,” the rapper and singer’s records.on Saturday at 13:49Susan and Frank would be over a three-year, no children

For a Freek Rikkerink, and his partner, Suzan Stortelder, which is the duo of Sue and Frank, the musical, planning is not clear, due to the coronacrisis. “I do know, however, that we will, over the next three years, not necessarily the kids like,” said Rikkerink, in Simon the Emperor’s video podcast , I&Simon.on Saturday, at 11:49 pm

Professional soccer player Memphis Depay is still at the re-union of him and his father. Even though the father and son spent some time in a disagreement, and lived the last years have grown closer. Depay put this strength to protect against racism, and in the course of his post, which is why the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.on Friday, at 21:24

Max and Martin are playing in the water

Max Verstappen, Martin Garrix, who have been good friends, and seem to be together and room to entertain on the water. On Instagram, show that the race-car driver, and have the dj play a few of the pictures that they have with the jet ski’s.

on Friday, at 16:51

Victoria Beckham looks on at himself

Victoria Beckham has in the past week, have a good think about the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement. “It gives me great pain to see how ugly racism is in our society, is an integral part of,” writes the designer on Instagram. According to Beckham, is the world of fashion is a lot that can be improved. “I am always for inclusion, but everyone needs a good take a look at themselves and begin to improve.” With her own fashion line, she has, as a first step, a working group has been set up.on Friday, at 13:05

I have Birds twins love mischief

Ready for a little Bird it’s very busy with her young twins. “The whole day, laughing and babbling and yelling, and the rare females in the kattengeluiden to make each other’s fingers, afsabbelen, and in my hair, and pull your legs up in the air, throwing, and fighting against sleep, and then still get back to sleep. What a life,” said the actress on Instagram.

on Friday, at 11:43I think The ‘crash’ Zoom-in meetings

The good news for the fans of the New Parish: the Contest winner will be on the 14th of June from 19: 00 ‘break’ at a Zoom-in event. The people who really like the singer’s online party will go with it, can the link go to the meeting with The sections.

And even more exciting news: on Sunday the 14th, starting 7pm at AMS on time, I MIGHT CRASH YOUR ZOOM PART. More info here👇🏻#DLZOOMPARTY


AuteurDuncan LaurenceMoment of plaatsen11:13 – June 5, 2020vrijdag at 07:02 pm

Jim Bakkum is ready to shoot

Jim Bakkum release on Instagram will know that he has been working for the last time, was missing. In the meantime, he is once again ready to take on the go. The actor says that he will be the next period of time, multiple movies, and each other, it will start to run. “So, if I have multi-personality-ish to happen, then you know what it is”, joked Bakkum. “I can’t wait to get started.”

In march, it was announced that the recording of Heavy in Love with 2 of the shut-down had to be due to the outbreak of the corona virus. Bakkum is also cast to It’s. The film will be this summer and recorded it.on Thursday, at 19:48

Milou mist, jack Sebastian

Milou, the woman, who is a farmer Sebastian is chosen in the season finale of the Farmer wants a Wife, who lives in Frankfurt, and they may, therefore, not often, to be with him. Now it is Milou weather is on its way to holland, she wrote on Instagram. “The captain of my heart. Again, on the way back to the two leukerds,” she writes in a picture of Sebastian and his dog, Luna.on Thursday, at 14:31

Igmar Felicia feels guilty about the accident

Radio dj Igmar Felicia, on Ascension day, was involved in a traffic accident. He came out with his scooter in a crash with a woman on an electric bike. “The fear in the eyes of the fietster just prior to the crash, the thud, the scream. I felt so guilty that I was actually just about of the status of women, which I aanreed,” said Felicia, who had an injured knee left him on Instagram.Thursday, June 4, at 05:23, Sarah Ferguson’s start the ‘we’ for charity

Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of prince Andrew and duchess of York, Sarah ” s Trust has been established. The setting acts as a kind of broker between the people and the social responsibility and the financial ability to donate, and the charities that will be able to prove that the money exactly there where it is most needed”.


A message from me, to mark the launch of my new charity @SarahsTrust


AuteurSarah FergusonMoment of plaatsen20:43 to 3 June 2020woensdag jun 3 at 22:55

Chris and Gerard makes it 3 in Travelpodcast

Now it is far to travel for a while with Chris and Gerard decided to create a podcast of his popular program , the 3 on a Journey to make. The presenter will share stories and travel tips, among others, with Jennifer Hoffman.Wednesday, June 3 at 15:22

One of Sam Meiland to celebrate the anniversary

The feast in the house of Meiland: One of Sam, his Wednesday, in 35 years of marriage. “Intermittent”, meaning that the realityster to take a photo of his family. Of the two, was Martiens coming out of the other, but decided to visit each other last year, the company has to give you.on Wednesday, June 3, at 12:23

Daughter of prince Constantijn will do the online session of questions
Eloise Sophie Beatrix Laurence, countess of Orange-Nassau, and is the eldest of three children of prince Constantijn and princess Laurentien on Wednesday, a session of questions and held on to her Instagram account. The seventeen year old countess replied, at the request of her followers, not a friend, and rear of the action, ” Black Lives Matter, too.on Wednesday, June 3, at 11:35

Klaas van Kruistum to get back to work

Presenter Klaas van Kruistum is very happy that he is finally back to work. He was caught Wednesday morning with his team to Place in the region in order to start the shoot. “To get this to link, but it’s a real as this is, it is the first filming of the new season of Claus and everything,” he writes at the picture on his Instagram.on Wednesday, June 3, at 06:16 am

Douwe Bob is critical of the online ‘pats on the back’ racismeprotest

The whole he is not talking about “white girls on social media who are self-pats on the back to give it his” all around the protests against racism. “To-morrow you go forth with a bow to the dark, the neighbor’s going to. Oh, no, no, you’re not,” says the singer-songwriter.on Tuesday, June 2, at 22:20

Jack Sebastian saves the chick

Jack Sebastian of the Farmer wants a Wife, saw it on Tuesday, just in time for a little chick to his front. “His brothers and sisters had walked for only a few metres away, his mom and dad were about twenty feet away. That is, it is allowed to grow up to be a beautiful oyster catcher,” said the farmer from the province Zeeland, on his Instagram.

on Tuesday, June 2, at 17:46

Sport breaks a collar bone

Anky van Grunsven and her collar bone broken, so as to let them know about it on Instagram. Or is the dressage champion of the break down, after an accident with her horse, and don’t let them know about it.on Tuesday, June 2, at 17:21

Princess Máxima will visit a museum in your own city

The museums were Monday, and their doors are open. In the Museum case Tuesday, queen Máxima welcomed, which is the city’s museum by bike, and visited. Was the wife of Willem-Alexander will be offered a guided tour of the various rooms.on Tuesday, June 2, at 11:54 pm

Halsey takes care of people injured in the demonstrations

The singer Halsey have the wounded cared for in a ” Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the United States of america. She writes that as a result of the corona virus, few physicians on call to help victims in the protests and to take care of. Halsey claims that the demonstration was peaceful, it went in, but the police still protesters are shot down, and we did.on Tuesday, June 2 at 07:36

Jan Versteegh, enjoy the back patio

After a little more than two months, the terraces, from Monday 12.00 pm re-opened. Presenter: Jan Versteegh was decided directly by a cool beer to enjoy.on Monday, 1 June at 21:46

Kim Kardashian wants to hurt the girl to help

Kim Kardashian has had her help with a girl at a protest in Atlanta against racism and police brutality was injured by a rubber bullet. She suffered severe injuries to her face. “My heart is breaking,” he writes in the realityster. “Does anyone know how I can get in contact? I might need help with medical care if needed.”

This is even more heartbreaking and so disturbing. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with her? I would love to help her with her medical care if she needs it.


AuteurKim Kardashian WestMoment of plaatsen21:37 – June 1st, 2020maandag, 1 June at 14:50

Sandra Schuurhof grab a drink

On the day of the coronamaatregelen for the hospitality industry have been made more flexible, pack, Sandra Schuurhof a terrace, to name a few.Monday, June 1st, at 14:46

Andre Hazes training in the openluchtsportschool

André Hazes has openluchtsportschool be found. “Great workout in the great outdoors,” says the singer.on Monday, June 1 at 11:30 am

Pregnant Channah Koerten did not fit in her pants

Channah Koerten has been 10 kilos and did not fit in her pants. The ex-contestants of Temptation Island, VIP’s , and her boyfriend, Quentin Daniels expecting their second child in may. Koerten gave birth to last October, of a son.on Monday, June 1, at 11:03 pm

Wolter Kroes celebrates dertienjarig marriage

Wolter Kroes said Tuesday, in thirteen years of marriage. “Thirteen years ago you made me the happiest man in the world! That’s never changed,” said the singer to his wife, Tessa.on Monday, June 1 at 08:55 pm

Danielle Oerlemans misses her family in the Netherlands

Danielle Oerlemans of the coronacrisis will not be present at the fiftieth anniversary of her brother, and regretted that. “I am proud to be a daughter and sister,” said the Los Angeles resident, a wife of the entrepreneur, Reinout Oerlemans with a picture of her father and three brothers.Back to top

Image: BrunoPress


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