The VTM-GO win the prestigious award

e1378a0fb06dfb6f7cd6ee1506337a0d - The VTM-GO win the prestigious award

Go, Go, Go! The VTM-GO will take place on Thursday named Media Brand of the Year’ for the virtual presentation of the AMMA 2020 (Adapted to the Masters of Media Awards). This prize is awarded to a mediamerk that have distinguished themselves in the last few years. The’S panel of judges decided unanimously that the VTM’s GO, ” the golden award is in the category of Media Brand of the Year’ and describes the video as an innovative and bold product, in a competitive market. The VTM-GO gets it Too, “Le Soir”, still The Standard.

Calogero Macaluso, director, streaming and marketing S Media: “It is an honour to have it’S to receive. The whole team is very proud of this recognition. The Fleming will find his way clear of the platform. In a year’s time, we have more than 600,000 active users per month, accounting for nearly 18 million views in the past month.”
The VTM-GO is a free online video of a BATCH of Media that is the best thing on tv-channels (VTM, Q2, Vitaya, CAZ, CAZ 2, the VTM is a KIDS show, it is combines, which are complemented by the Flemish topseries, the international series of the Walter Presents a distinct Kidswereld.