Pictures ‘”The Masked Singer” from the start

Pictures '"The Masked Singer" from the start

Which celebrity is hiding behind the mask? This is a question that is this autumn, no doubt on the lips of many people will leave, because the VTM brings the international tv hit, ” The Masked Singer’s visit to Flanders. The show, in which well-known faces, from head to toe dressed in dazzling costumes and, in which, say, a singing monster, in a duel with a giant ‘bug’. The Hosts of the new show will be Moved Destadsbader, and Julie Of the Stone.

The Masked Singer’s take on well-known faces singing at each other. Their faces are given in Flanders, however, is not to be seen, as the celebrities to hide in during the whole of the route of a grand masquerade costumes. Anyone in any costume is hidden, and it is well for a 4-person panel, as well as for the public, is one big mystery. Each episode ends with an exciting discovery, so that the identity of one of his singers, is disclosed.