BNL welcomes Les Copines

6516859b7639945e0e744de960cd4ef9 - BNL welcomes Les Copines

BNL has a special news report for no less than three ladies to join the team of a new radio station, which, since april,, the music of the low countries and of central power. One of the trio turns and picks up a recent hit, as well as new liefdesgeluk : Isabelle A. One can say that they are in a period of time, the tv wife of Philippe Geubels : Helle Vanderheyden. And yet, one provides for the discipline of its experiences in the buurtpolitie : Ianthe Tavernier. BNL takes on Les Copines three klassedames in and turn on the suggested line : a team of presenters and presentatrices that belgian music, Belgian productions will be representing, and presenting.

Stéphanie Meire (BNL’s public relations department : “We are very proud to announce that we have three charming singers welcome. The cohese among the trio, with the knowledge of your Les Copines see the enthusiasm with which they and their audiences want to be entertained, it is completely at BNL. Also, the unit on the stage, though, the triad, and is consistent with what we have in our team is noticeable. In short, BNL, Les Copines, that is, ‘the perfect match’! The three nice girls from now with other artists, and interesting guests to invite to our live show on a Sunday afternoon, it is still cool. Have a blessed Sunday, full of friendliness? This is from Sunday, June 14, 15 pm pay a VISIT to Les Copines!”

Be the first to broadcast from the Weinebrugge in St Michiels, Bruges, is Sunday afternoon, June 14 are scheduled. Chef Tim Boury of the party, the ladies will have to talk with Jean-Marie Dedecker of the mediterranean coast, the corona, and It is a real gezondheidskoningin in business, Sonja Kimpen. Sing along to the listeners with, among others, Wim Soutaer, Kurt, “Biezebaze” Burgelman and Wim Leys.