1.4 million for Adil El Arbi and colleagues

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Screen Flanders is investing 1.475.000 euros-in 10 audio-visual productions. This made the Flemish minister for the Economy, mrs. Hilde Crevits announced today. The list of supported works from the first contact of 2020, it includes the o for a while.m. the French dramareeksen Renaissances and the Alamo, the Icelandic co-production Summerlight, and Then Comes the Night and the Fractures, and the German jeugdfilms AI, and Immenhof – Das große Versprechen. In addition, the directors Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah (Patser, Bad Boys For Life’) for their next feature film, a Rebel from the support of the fund to rely on. The investment 1.475.000 euros, generating a total of more than eur 11.6 million in qualifying audiovisual expenditure in the Flanders Region of belgium, is good for the economic leverage of 7.9 per euro invested.

With the aid of the first call for proposals of the 2020 range between 45,000 euros and 275,000 euros) per project. Both fictiespeelfilms if the series were included in the appeal are supported, as are a series of documentaries.

The five feature-length films are being supported within the first call for proposals of the 2020 strategy: Immenhof – Das große Versprechen, KI, and Under the Maas river, a Rebel, and Summerlight, and Then Comes the Night.

The German jeugdfilm Immenhof – Das große Versprechen, it is the second film of the popular German franchise, where the horses are the central focus. In this sequel, the race horse Cagliastro, after being poisoned, placed on the Immenhof-horse-riding. When Lou finds that he has also, it is not enough, causing them to be with him for the night. She promises him that he will never go to a race, you will have to participate in it. In the German feature film directed by Sharon von Wietersheim (Immenhof – Das Abenteuer eines Sommers), is co-produced in Belgium by a Couple of Movies, and a part of Flemish team will be canned. The flemish composer by Hannes De Maeyer (Black and white, Patser), it will be just like the first film, the score for that account.

AI is the second German jeugdfilm of the call. In the film, we are introduced to the eleven-year-old Ben and his avatar is the KI, the star of the multiplayer game Gnomicon. In the game, Ben is admired for his skills, but in real life it succeeds but it’s hard to make friends. This film is directed by Felix Binder (Club der roten Bänder) is Flanders, it has been co-produced by Potemkino Port.

In the Bottom of the river Maas, the new film from director Cecilia Verheyden (See, I Like, wtFOCK), we follow a young drug dealer, in an effort to make up for the first time is a big deal, the only deal with. Are ontvoogdingsstrijd is progressing but not without a fight, and he will need the help of old friends and acquaintances need to have to make it to the end. The film is being produced by Flemish production house of The People.

In the Rebel, is looking for Nassim, a 13-year-old Moroccan boy who, after the death of his father, to his own sense of identity. His mother, Leila tries to get him desperately trying to keep it away from him and his older brother, Karim, a local dealer and a gangster. In spite of his young age, needs to Nassim have to decide how to spend the rest of his life, it will be the same. Of the speelfilmproject to do with the directing duo Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah, again, an appeal to a number of Flemish close friends, including CAP, Robrecht Heyvaert (Patser, Bad Boys For Life”), and by Hannes De Maeyer. The Flemish producer is the Caviar of Antwerp.