Lots of fun with Erhan Demirci

df81f2108f0d592f64fa0a08ecec29a2 - Lots of fun with Erhan Demirci

Thursday night at 21.50 hours, you can get One to look to, “Come!” and, a history of the first zaalshow of the state-upcomedian Erhan Demirci.

At the first evening show, “Come!” And takes Erhan Demirci you’re on a voyage of discovery into the unknown, and the onbeminde. He relives his far from typical as a young child, to guide you through the hard and Hilly village in order to get into the tough Life in the ghetto of Brussels. In a city of which he is a resident and a social worker from the Foyer vzw is getting deeper and deeper got to know. Erhan gives you a look behind the scenes of our capital city, and reveals some of the secrets of the street, and tells an hilarious demonstration of how we, as a Flemish person, it is best to be able to survive