Laura and Lynn have had to release a second single, ” still not a record label

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A range of all The Latest News about the Flemish artists, and their greatest hit’s of Laura and Lynn seem to be the most obvious. With the release of her second single, “You’ve got me a 1000 times to fight,” had they no record. Performance brought the singer has already, under its own name, Sabrina. As a manager, she had been called, before she really broke through. Her former manager, Patrick Vandewattijne gave Sabrina after a show in Roeselare belgium as a first single to be released on. The offer was believed to have been a Dutch-language cover of the original German song, ” Du Hast Mich Tausendmal Want of Andrea Berg, 2001. The then-28-year-old girl didn’t know right away that they are in the schlagergenre, or rather for the dance of choice. After the vocal parts were that the number of different labels, you can be sent. ARS Entertainment, now Universal has caught on, and over 15 years later, Laura and Lynn in there. So You have me for 1000 times to fight’ Laura’s life has changed. Laura would have been satisfied by the sale of up to 1,000 singles, but eventually ended up with 117.000. She was reported to be 36 weeks at # 1. Schlager was under-used, and her song wasn’t even on the radio.

Laura-Lynn was, “You’ve got me 1000 times to fight,” a gold and a platinum album that’s still at her desk, hang up to remind her of the time and that as well .where it all began. The singer could soon be an album, go to pictures, was in every week from Ten in Order To See who’s first single, brought her to South Africa. Her new name gave her the title of schlagerkoningin on it. When Laura-Lynn, her career started out, we started with The pop music festival. Both of them would be this year, and their 15-year-old jubilee celebration, that is, if the Corona is not a spanner in the works was thrown in. Pop, it was after You got me to 1,000 times and lied to, ” well, what is hip, and these are still the artists, Laura’s example. A lot of schlagerfestivals be created. In The Latest News, and asked Laura himself, in the beginning, and they have no hype. But, Laura, Lynn, proves to be 15 years later, and in any case they are not, the hype was that it was her after all these years, still hands.