William’s Time, the victim of a cowardly theft

William's Time, the victim of a cowardly theft

Comedian, William’s Time was the victim of a spirit of theft. On Tuesday, the comedian with a serious message on Facebook. That Time is a restriction, everyone knows that. William was not the man for the abuse of it, that we know of as well. He would even have a joke about it. However, this time he’s serious. Recently, William’s Time in a wheelchair, as a means of transport by which he is better able to move on. “After a year-long battle with myself, I have a electric power purchased for my wheelchair. A Streetjet. A type of wheel with a motor in it, so I was all by myself outside. According to my measurements. Not a cheap joke, after an intervention by the Flemish Agency For Persons With Disabilities as of the 2000 euro mark for the prize of a mere 3000€ (5000€ in total). It was a milestone for me. It is confrontational, too. After a couple of days, I was able to make myself do find it. People were looking very weird, but claxonneerde I have to go to them, knipoogde (and even then, only when they are handsome of course), and after that, I got life in the fast lane to road. As an incarnation of meme. The puzzled looks of ” what the fuck has just happened?’ at you.”

But in the last week, with only one week to enjoy, it is already present, allow William Time to know. “Over there is a burglary in my apartment building. All the cellars were broken open, and my Streetjet been taken into account. It feels like a cowardly act of my freedom, a lot taken away from. At last, I have my own thing more freely move around, finally, I was able to ‘walk’ with your friends without me, had to push. I have a feeling that I was back to locked, and back, depending on the am, from someone else, to get out of it. You may want to have a bit of a compare with for a moment.”