The Starlings lancerren But Sessions Live

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As of the 1st of July, The Starlings can be booked for gigs up to a maximum of 200 people. On February 14, 2021 The Starlings in the big Lotto Arena, but in the meantime, like The Starlings still live to make music for their fans around the world. As of July 1, has been admitted to the shows and events-organize up to 200 people. The Starlings play in the present and in their ‘Songbird Sessions’; Tom, guitar; Kato, on the piano, and, of course, their wonderful voices. The ideal setting for a beautiful summer evening in which the popular duo will take you on a musical journey. Just as the release of their debut album ‘Don’t look Back’ is ‘the Songbird Sessions are a perfect mix of covers, from” for the Love of Music, ” and new songs.