Man, Tiger King, Joe Exotic, “I have not abandoned’

90abe3e799def05c31bf4b706d16ff3a - Man, Tiger King, Joe Exotic, "I have not abandoned'

Man, Tiger King, Joe Exotic, “I have not abandoned’

09 June, 2020 23:07
09-06-20 at 23:07
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Tiger King, Joe Exotic, who is currently in a prison sentence of a 22-year sentence, accused his man of Dillon Passage, there was just him left in the lurch too. The Passage did not deny that allegation in a post on Instagram. And he said to his man in time of need.

Joe, the Wildlife Passage, such as the 57-year-old Joe Exotic is really hot, and wrote a letter saying that he feels that he is not a three months and will have to endure in prison. Well, the American people are on to him, pictures of his celebrating the 22-year-old partner, and he said, “don’t know if I’m married”.

The men of the Special claimed, however, that this is not the case at all. “My heart is breaking after reading Joe’s letter,” he wrote. “I’ve had him for letters to be written and it is sad to know that he or she does not receive it.”