Another one of the great Flemish ‘Big Brother’?

bfdb5dbfdfd8614e77e5597155390e33 - Another one of the great Flemish 'Big Brother'?

Not only does the “Wheel of Fortune” is coming back this year to FOUR, as well as a ‘Big Brother’ is coming back on the screen, which writes The Latest News. The program was, at the time, the then-KANAALTWEE to see it. For the first time in 2000 and, in 2007, and for the last time.
In the Netherlands, they’ve decided to make this version of the dust away, and a new episode to make. In the case of FOUR, they are not the same and will do it. More than ever, we are being followed, not only by cameras, but also by a variety of devices that are on the world-wide-web connected to it. “A comeback with a new twist-it would therefore be interesting to be able to be” heard at the station.
One thing is for certain: Big Brother-the voice of the past, there will be no more on this one. Petro Van Aerschot died in an accident at the end of 2008, while on a vacation in Thailand.