Tonight is the last ‘Come and go’

3cd158cfbfafb93d3d74072c48fc3f85 - Tonight is the last 'Come and go'

Vanvavond, you can click One to watch the last three episodes of ‘the Get go’. One recently made a new set, in the context of leave-taking in the coronatijden. For a Girl it is still a bit of a search, with the new measures. Surely, if John – a father of a kroostrijk home to die, it will be a goodbye in a small group is difficult. In Brussels, Patrick is approached by a mother and her son, Aaron, lost at birth. At the hospital, she tested at birth, positive at COVID-19, which immediately was moved to quarantine, and saying goodbye to Aaron was to be postponed until later. To the present day. Tina will take care of the family, the 68-year-old Lena. One of the daughters and the husband of Lena was corona and not have to say goodbye. In University, everything is done to make them easy to fill.

‘Come,’ and, tonight, One.