One of the most luxurious yachts in the world, in FOUR

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Only the rich and famous in the world is a super-yacht off. And, in many cases, it is not only the price that appeals to one’s imagination: the opulent details and extravagant finishes make these yachts are truly unique. They are all between the ages of 15 and 135 million euros, and annual maintenance will cost a fortune in the process. In the second installment of the World’s Most Luxurious takes a look behind-the-scenes of this floating palace.

Telecommiljardair Bassim Haidar spends his weekends happily with his family in his super-yacht, of about 32 million euro. For him, it is pure entertainment, but for the crew it is literally all hands on deck. It should be a day and a night, to be ready to get a high quality service to clients. “In terms of quality, this yacht is stunning. I will take a look in my eyes and even out all of the details. On the boat they have for 3.5 years. It has a lot of time, effort, and skill to produce such a jewel of a hunt for it. It’s pure luxury in every aspect,” says Bassim.

A lot of yachts can also be rented out throughout the year. Yacht broker Becki is constantly searching for the perfect partner for the richness of its customers. At this time, they will have three yachts at the cup to tap in for an international star. They have a huge demand, and failure is not an option.